Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Wow!!! It's been a WHILE since I have been able to blog about anything. Yes, I update on my facebook business page: KLM'S FACEBOOK FAN PAGE!! but my actual blog I have been neglecting!! I apologize to my blogger followers!! And also my 365 Day photo followers as well. I have been so busy with the kids and school and  my photography business has really grown and sky rocketed to when I started. I'm either online editing or doing schoolwork. Ever since I started the 365 day photo challenge I have not missed a day I have just been so busy with making sure my clients come first I have not been able to post the photos!! :( I will get to it soon..promise!!

Since I started my "once was a hobby" photography into a "something I love business" this past November I have had so many great opportunities come my way and have been able to work with so many AMAZING models, families, and friends to bring them quality photos to cherish for a lifetime!! One thing that I absolutely LOVE is the first moment my clients...I'd rather call them FRIENDS...get their photos back and the first thing that comes out of their mouths is normally "OMG" LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!! That truly makes me happy when I know that what I do is making others happy and they are satisfied with the services that I provide!! Being a self-taught photographer makes it extra special because it shows that everything that I have been able to learn from others and teach myself is actually creating results and making an impact on others!! Yes it would be great to have a degree in this field but if you truly love's really do not long as the finished product is what they want and they love..that's all that matters to me!! I have been blessed to work with magazines....Sofi Lifestyle Magazine and Rolling Out Magazine. That is HUGE for me seeing as though I have just been in the game for what...5 months!! Networking and making sure that my portfolio is something that shows greatness has allowed me to get my name out there and word of mouth has shown that I am doing something right!!

This has been an absolute dream to be able to do something I love and to continue to be successful at it. The one person that pushed me to go for it was my husband. And I love him to death for that!!! If anyone knows me, they know that I will get an idea to do something and a month later either quit or get tired of it. My husband has been through the past 5 years of me starting so many projects and everything else and not sticking through them. And with all those projects being unsuccessful, my husband STILL stood by me and believed in me in wanting to start my photography business and helped me in starting everything!! I am truly thankful to have a PATIENT MAN as my better half!!! Not many people have someone in their life that will be there for them like I can truly say that I am BLESSED BEYOND MEASURE to have him as my husband and best friend!!! My husband and our two boys are my motivation!!!!!

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