Monday, May 23, 2011

Today is the first day of Laila Ali's "GET FIT CHALLENGE" that I have decided to sign up for. I decided to do this challenge in order to gain a healthier lifestyle but also to continue my journey of losing weight with more motivation. A substantial amount of women and friends of mine have signed up and we are all going on this 8 week journey together. We are able to keep up with each others progress and motivate each other through MyfitnessPal. If you do decide to join the site just to track and help yourself with your intakes and exercises, etc look me up and add me as a friend. My username is : kellimorales83.

Anywho, again I wanted to join because I hit a stone in my workouts and dieting to where I was at a standstill with my weight. Around the end of March I was at a weight of 150...which didn't look like 150 on me but I still felt UGH!! So I decided to get to it and work my butt of and lose the weight. I am trying to get to my pre-baby weight which is actually 117lbs but 120lbs will suffice for me. As of right now, May 23, I am 134. So I have lost 16lbs...and I am not done yet. Starting this challenge will definitely make me get to my ideal weight and get toned up. I have a couple more lbs to lose in order to actually be in the "normal" range for my I am proud of myself!!!

So if anyone would like to follow me on my journey feel free to add me on Twitter: @KLM_PHOTOGRAPHY, or myfitnesspal: kellimorales83

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