Memorial Weekend with the Family!

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

This past weekend my husband, my two boys, and our puppy Princess Nala went up to Orlando to visit family. And first off I would like to ask everyone for their prayers because my father-in-law is not doing to good with his health. So all prayers are needed! But that is the reason we went up to Orlando. We wanted to spend some time with them and see if there was anything that we could possibly do to help with him getting better. And of course, all of us feel helpless in these types of situations so all we can do is pray! We hope that he gets better SOON!!!!

Since we went up there we decided to take advantage of our Wyndham Ownership benefits!!!! Since becoming Wyndham Timeshare Owners this March...well actually the deed and all finished the beginning of this was our first time using it. Anywho, being an owner of a timeshare is a sure guarantee of being able to vacation any number of times a year at the BEST resorts out there for little or nothing (If we still have points at the time)

We have a number of resorts to choose from to stay at any given time, but because it was Memorial Weekend the only one available was Star Island ( which is an affiliated resort for Wyndham Owners to stay). We really enjoyed it. And the first time walking into our room watching our boys running around jumping from couch to couch to bed so husband and I just stood back and this is what its like to be a timeshare owner. Being able to take our family ANYWHERE and stay and the best resorts is the best feeling ever. And to think that this opportunity for our children to be able to take their families on the best vacations every year, whenever they want, will be handed down to our boys!! I am so excited for our planned and unplanned vacations in the future!!

I have reserved THE BEST for my bestie's bridal shower/bachelorette party at the Wyndham Bonnet Creek Resort. We have a 2 bedroom presidental suite...My husband saw the room and got upset because it was so nice!! YOUR WELCOME CHRISSY!!! LOL I cannot wait for our girl's weekend there!!! I'm sure the boys will decide where they want to go for Ralphy's Bachelor Party soon!! But you see how convenient it is to be a Timeshare Owner!! It is the best!!

Overall, we had a good mini vaca this past weekend. Enjoy the photos below of our boys jumping around with excitement in the resort (I no longer say hotel) it is our resort room!! :)

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