38 Years of Unconditional Love!!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

My Mommy and Daddy just celebrated their 38 Year Anniversary this past week and I am extremely thankful to both of them for being the best example of what marriage is supposed to be! True and unconditional love radiates off of the two of them. Throughout their journey together they have two WONDERFUL and BEAUTIFUL daughters and HANDSOME son in laws....and three AMAZING grandchildren: Ashley, JR and AJ...

My parents have a strong and happy marriage. I'm not just saying this because they are my parents but it is a fact. One reason I know is because they have built their marriage around Jehovah God! My mom used to always tell me that the Bible is a blueprint that we have to follow and by following God's Word "The Bible" all things are possible and look what is has brought them; 38 years of a strong bond that has not and cannot be broken.

I want to thank both my parents for being a GREAT example for my husband and I, and I have to make sure that I strive to putting Jehovah and his Word in our marriage! Alberto and I are going on 5 years strong and looking to get to where my parents are...38 years is an accomplishment like no other.

The boys and I just want to say that we love you guys very much and thank you for everything that you have shown and given us!!!



  1. Kelly, you have such a beautiful family. Thirty eight years is truly a blessing.

  2. :) Aww Thanks Victoria!!! It is a blessing!! :)


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