"Photography By JR"

Monday, November 14, 2011

So for those who do not know..JR is my 4 year old son. And he has taking a liking to my old point and shoot Canon PowerShot Camera that I have. Being that I love photography I figure if he loves it why not teach it to him...Soooooo I have officially handed over (carefully) the Canon to my baby boy. I am now teaching him how to look at the view screen to see what he wants to take a focus on the subject to shoot. I had a hard time getting him to try and hold his finger on the button to make sure it took the photo but now I think he has it. He gets so excited to see the photos after he has taken them. So I am going to continue to let him use the camera and when we go places I will allow him to take photos with it to practice. I'm so excited now!

Here are his first photo shoots that he has taken. I have to make sure I keep these so he can see them later on in life if he decides he wants to continue in his interest in photography. Enjoy JR's work!! :)

JR Photography
Post Processing by Mommy

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