"Family Is Everything"

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Yesterday I had the HONOR of capturing a beautiful family that was able to have one, in particular, Miss Jenifer come home for Thanksgiving. She is currently serving in the Air Force and she isn't able to come home and spend time as much as she wants with her family and friends. So she made sure while she was down here that she captured their moments together.

Photographing this family and watching them interact made me miss my family back home in Tennesseee. The love that they have is amazing! They welcomed me as the photographer and made me feel absolutely comfortable..I felt like a friend taking their photos rather than their "Photographer". Mrs. Fernandez was right there clicking away as well. I considered her to be the "Iphoneographer" during yesterday's shoot! I thought I got some great shots...you should see her Iphone Photo Album...she's great!! :)

It was a blessing to have Jenifer contact me to do her family photo shoot. But she also has chosen me to do be her photographer for her wedding as well which I am EXTREMELY EXCITED about! During this shoot, she wanted to get a couple of photos of herself to send to her fiance whom is also in the military and was not able to make it back home for the holidays. So we did just that. One thing I had her do was write a little note to him to just let him know how she felt and what she wanted him to know. While capturing her writing to him I got so teary eyed! I absolutely love LOVE!!!! I can't wait until the big day to see them join together as one! King...this one is for you!!

Thank you again Jenifer for choosing me to be the one to share with your friends and family the love that you have for your family! Cherish every moment..you guys are truly blessed!

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  1. Kelli,Thank you so much for capturing our moments. This was our FIRST family photo shoot, and it meant so much to ALL of us. Especially my mom! She can't stop talking about how great yesterday was. You were an amazing photographer. You made all of us feel comfortable and let us be ourselves. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU! I am so glad I chose you to shoot my wedding. God Bless YOU!Jenifer

  2. I wanted to personally tell you thank you so much. This was a wonderful experience to know you was our photographer and my daughter hire you to know you was not just a regular photographer but a very professional one and not just any photographer that does it as a job but with so much passion. I thank God for allowing us to get to meat you and hope to always have you close at hand as our very own photographer.. I wwill highly recommend anyone out there who is stressing out light my daughter was trying to find a photographer for there specail moment don't look any futher KLM is the one. You would not only enjoy the moments but tresure every capture photo she takes she's more then a photographer.....I thank God for directing my daughter straight to KLM but it was just the one photographer we needed....

  3. Thank you both so much! You have NO IDEA how much your words mean to me. Seeing you guys light up while taking photos together as a family and see the love portrayed throughout the photos is the reason I love doing this. Anytime you guys need me for anything please do not hesitate to call..Thank you again for allowing me to be your photographer!


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