"Photo Shoot and Fun!"

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Today I did a photo shoot for a gorgeous girl at the beach named Alexandria (Alex). My Caribbean bestie came along to let the kids play on the beach while I did the shoot. It was so cold yesterday we thought it would be the same today but it was the exact opposite. It was really nice outside ....just super windy! But we got through the shoot! Also at the beach there was a wedding being prepared for this afternoon. The photographer for that wedding is going to get some amazing shots with the ocean and rocks in the background.
Anywho, here are a few photos from today. Thanks Mands for coming along and letting the rugrats terrorize you... Heart you girl!

The Gorgeous Lady Alex that I had the pleasure of shooting today!

Mands and I! And no my braid out attempt did not work so I had to freestyle today and pick it out. :(

MUA Jaclen doing her thing on set!

Mands and JR wrestling..love this photo!

My cutie pie RJ!

Two of my favs..Mands and AJ taking a break!

Event coordinators setting up for a wedding on the beach!

Natural Beauty! ;)

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