"Love These Girls"

Monday, November 7, 2011

Normally when the time goes back I am super tired, of course, an hour earlier than usual but for some reason I am up and figured I would browse through my many photos that I have on my hard drive. I came across the photos I took this past March of my...as well as my boys...fav models Krysta and Jessica. This shoot was supposed to be another photographers jewel but they let them down and didn't come through so Krys called me and asked me to do the shoot at last minute. I told her I couldn't because I didn't have a sitter but she INSISTED that I bring the boys with me. I was suprised how good the boys did ...well not really since Krysta was bribing them with Mcdonalds the entire time..LOL..but for the most part they behaved themselves and let mommy work. I have to seriously go through each and every photo again and share them with you all because they all came out amazing! I forgot how awesome they came out...especially the candids of them with the boys on the beach. So cute!

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