Catching Up...A Taste of Fabulous at 50

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

I haven't had a chance to get on here and add a couple photos from a couple of shoots that I have done this past week because I have been making sure to get edits done for clients in the timeframe given! I am finally caught up and now I can share a couple of photos.

This past weekend I had an event hosted by the lovely Sunnie Morrison for a Taste of Fabolous at 50 event for Mrs. Judy Mckay. It was held in Hollywood, Florida and it was great. I was so glad to work this event with First Class Productions Inc. If you don't know...Their awesome!

I was able to see my fav twins Delerice and Delpha Clarke! Aren't they stunning! They were the hostesses for the night!

The event consisted of great dancing, music, food and fun! I know Mrs. Mckay's friends and family enjoyed the night!

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