"Editing My Life Away"

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

December has been a very busy month for KLM PHOTOGRAPHY and I LOVE IT!  I have been incessantly editing...everyday....and I still have tons of work to do. I think I have become an expert on time management and making sure I meet my deadlines for everything. As we say, We "AIM" to please!

While I edit I like to take breaks and most of them time my breaks consist of browsing the internet, reading blogs, etc..etc. Well, today I decided to redo both my main blog and Tumblr blogs appearance and I have to admit I am IN LOVE with both right now! I know I have changed them a number of times but I have come to realize that "Simple is Better." And I love that both are simple. This blog is my main blog which I like to share my  work and experiences throughout photo sessions and family life. My Tumblr blog is more of a fun gesture that allows me to not only share my experiences but allows me to interact with other bloggers and share what I like within their blogs as well with my readers. I have become addicted to Tumblr.
So make sure to check it out---> CLICK HERE or Tumblr at the top of the page which will also direct you to it.

Well, I hope you like the new layout of my blogs. I know I do! :)

My favorite photo right now!


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