Nappiversary Update

Thursday, December 29, 2011

January 1st will be my 9 month anniversary of being natural! I have to say becoming a natural and getting away from that "creamy crack" has been the BEST decision I have ever made. I have learned to embrace my kinky hair in a way that I never thought I would. My husband says that I am "obsessed" with my hair now. I think I can actually agree with him on this one. LOL! 
I took these photos today. It is a two day old Twist Out. It would probably be a bit stretched out more but I am a super WILD sleeper and never stay in one place while sleep I was told. So the back is a bit matted down more than it should be. I will eventually take a photo of my twist out when I first take them out. Oh and I think you can maybe actually see the reddish tint to my hair alittle now from me dyeing my hair a couple weeks back. The sun is lightening it day by day. I may color it a tint bit lighter just because..not sure just yet. But this will do for now.

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