New Hair Color

Friday, December 9, 2011

I dyed my hair this morning because I was tired of the jet black color and I'm used to a lighter color normal sandy brown hair but um...the color I chose turned my hair into a brownish,reddish,orangish The roots..of course..are lighter because it took my original hair color and changed it and then the back and closer to the tips are a bit I now how a two toned hair color...I tried taking a number of photos to show you the color but I could only get this photo which kind of shows you my roots color..its definitely lighter than this. I was going to try outside but unfortunately we are having a gloomy day here in Fort Lauderdale and its been raining all day sooooooo I will eventually be able to get a photo that shows the result that it came out to be. I actually kind of like it. Im sure it will grow on me. But totally can't see the color in the photos..LOL


  1. I used to remember when my fros were this cute. They have grown much longer within the last 3 years and I'm loving it.

  2. Ahhhhh...I can't wait until I'm 3 years in..Li know your hair must be gorgeous!!!!


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