"KLM Photography's Best of 2011"

Friday, December 30, 2011

2011 was an amazing year for my family and I! First year in growing my business, celebrating my 5 year wedding anniversary with the love of my life, JR starting school, me and AJ having our adventures to ourselves during the day, sharing in my best friends special day of joining as one in wedded bliss...and so much more....I think 2011 has been more than I could ask for!!! The downside of 2011 was losing my Aunt Nadine to Breast Cancer! I truly hate that she is gone but I know that she is no longer suffering and know Jehovah's plan for her so that comforts me.  The one thing I do wish I could do was be able to see more of my family in Tennessee. Come 2012 I hope to change that! I hope everyone had a great year and CHEERS to 2012!!!!!

Remember this quote for the New Year:
"Its not how you start...its how you finish!!" 
Make your year throughout 2012 count so at the end you know you finished it the way you wanted!

He proposed to me again on our 5 Year Anniversary | July 21, 2011

Love my Family

My Mom and Dad 

Love my Sister and Niece | Miss them TONS!!

My Favorite Men

Back Home in September | My Cousin Jaylan and I

September | My Mom, Dad and I 

Me and the Loves of my Life

I love Alberto Morales Sr!!! That man is amazing!

"My Best Friend's Wedding" 

Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Cruz

The Bridesmaids with the Bride!

Mami and Tio Alex visit!


I became a "Natural" (Referring to my hair) like JR..LOL

My Carribbean Half.lol | Mandy and RJ came into our lives!

We love our webcam!

Great year for KLM Photography!


My boys and I

My Aunt stopped fighting her battle on August 30, 2011 but I was able to see her before she passed!

Train Day with the Family!

My Best Friend | Always there for me!

JR's First School Photo

My AJ turned 3 years old! Such a Big Boy!


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