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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Yesterday my boys and I decided to head up to West Palm Beach to spend the day with our extended family which would be my best friend Sandy and my god kids Gordi and Julianna. Sandy's brother Mark, niece Aisha, sister Tiana and her boyfriend Alex were also there to hang out with for a few. 

So one major thing that I LOVE about visiting Sands is she always cooks for me. :)  After taking the kids to the park during the day we went back to the house and she cooked for me. This is always a given...As soon as I told her I was heading up there that morning the first thing she said was,"When you leaving cause I need to get up and go grocery shop" which is aka "I know this chick wants me to cook so let me get up and make sure I have what I need before she gets here." LOL Ahhhh she spoils me! 
My favorite that she cooks for me: Baked chicken with rice and beans.
I'll go ahead and get the food photo out of the way! 
This may be the simplest meal but its something about that Puerto Rican touch to it with the seasonings that makes it the BEST!
I'm totally addicted to her cooking! #yummy enough with the food...besides that...our day consisted of fun and laughter. We took the kids to a couple of play areas around Wellington, FL which they loved and Te-Te Sandy took all the kids for ice cream after. It definitely pooped the kids out. 

Here is what our day looked like from start to finish! 

Julianna and Aisha's fort under the tv. My boys kept knocking the pillows down..LOL

They played dodgeball in the house.

We then headed to the park so they could let play themselves out.

JR thought he was Superman the whole time we were at the park. He would jump up everytime right before landing directly on his butt to slide down. Scared me everytime.

My goddaughter is the cutest! She would climb up the slide only to slide down into someone behind her. LOL

Sweats and a TuTu
She refused to take off her TuTu....She had to wear it everywhere we went...

AJ enjoyed himself. He always loves the park.

Here we are on the sideline watching the kiddos!

Julianna loved the swing

She sticks her butt out like her momma..LOL

My godson Gordi and I

These two are my favorites! Love them!

The Suarez sisters! :)

Gordi was our photographer for the day :)

After the park we headed to a playarea in a mall in Wellington.
It was an OVERLOAD of kids!

This is one of Jules favorite places.

AJ was trying to "Take Over the World."

I love when my sugabuga is having fun!

Aisha loved the play area! So cute!

Sands then took all the kids over to Haagen-Dauz for some ice cream! 
Talk about best day ever for a kid!

After a fun day out, we headed back to Sandy's house and she started cooking. The kids played and we sat and chatted until the food was ready for me to devour! ;)

My Ace Boon Coon!
We've had our disagreements and fights but those things have made us closer!
 Love this chick!

My fish face...and trying to grow a butt within a second of a
(Was not being serious like these other girls that do that crap for all their photos..smh) 
STOP IT! **serious face**

How fancy!!! Sandy's scarf attire for the night! 
Her pet snake Leo!


JR said, "HECK to the NOOOOO!!! LOL

But then he gave in to her like he always does..

And that was our Saturday! Hope you all enjoyed yours as well! Spending it with loved ones is always best!

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