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Thursday, January 26, 2012

I must say I am enjoying my studies into Digital Multimedia!
Yesterday's digital photography class we studied on Lighting and Perspective! We were in the studio the entire night shooting our classmates with different lighting techniques. It was awesome. Once done, we headed back into the classroom and made our Contact sheets for our instructor to go through and critique. 
I love it!
Anywho, my instructor is over the South Florida Camera Club, so next week his club is having a guest photographer by the name of Rick Sammon. So our assignment for next week is to attend the workshop with him! All I could think of was...


Onto one of my other classes.......Digital Publishing!
We are currently learning Digital Publishing with InDesign. I am learning SO MUCH in this class. From Magazine Page Layouts to Web Layouts for web designs, layouts for advertising, and a number of other things. Its amazing how so much detail goes into publishing a single layout....
During the process of learning, I am starting to just experiment and create SIMPLE layouts for my business to help.
Here is one that I have experimented with. 
I am still in the learning process.
But I think I did a pretty dern good job! Woop Woop! ;)

Let me know what you think!

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