Photo Shoot and a Puffer Fish

Sunday, January 15, 2012

It was a beautiful day for a photo shoot. Even though it was cold, it was bright and sunny. It was a perfect day to use my handy dandy Reflector. 

I had the pleasure of shooting the lovely aspiring model April Preston. For her first photo shoot I must say she did an awesome job. She listened well and as soon as she got more comfortable in front of the camera it was a done deal...she was posing her behind off! The photos came out amazing! While shooting there were a few fishermen there at the beach "fishing" of course...and he happened to catch a Puffer Fish. So we stopped the shoot to run over and see! It was crazy...It started to puff up while I was taking pictures of it....I guess because it was in defense mode and I got a bit nervous thinking it was about to explode on me or something so I backed up. That was my first time seeing a Puffer Fish in person. It was pretty neat. 
Here's a couple photos of it...

So after being amazed at the I've never seen a fish before...we got back to working. We got some stellar shots in and I have to thank April again for choosing
KLM Photography.
Here are a couple preview photos. 
To check out more photos make sure to 

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