An Apple + Flashlight = Photo Fun

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Every Wednesday I have my Digital Photography class. 
Right now we are working on our Project 1 which is our Still Life photography and our assignment is to photography a red apple in creative ways in different enviroments.
We have had this assignment for a few weeks 
and I've started with photographing my boys with the apple......

 but anywho....
my class is at the Downtown Fort Lauderdale campus and for class last night we did a photo walk just to photograph whatever we liked last night to do like a show and tell type of thing.
Well I decided to take my apple and a mini keychain light while walking downtown and just experiment with shots. 

Here are a few photos that I took last night....
...nothing edited...

I had my Professor sign his  name in the air!

I just like this photo because the water looks amazing!

My apple watching a light show. :)

Clouds start to hover over my apple while another apple in the distance tells him to run!

Now he's in a whirlwind tornado..hehe

 So my apple starts to run away!

Then he stops in his tracks! lol 
Ok yes...I was getting excited using my apple.

I made a heart for my Hubby! <3

 And made a tulip for myself. :)

This shot of my Professor came out wrong but I still loved it because of the lights and how the apple looks like its floating in the air.

Took this shoot of one of my classmates...eating my apple!! Moved to different spots during the shot while the Professor flashed his face at each spot for him to appear. 
One of him didn't come out correctly but the other to came out ok.
 Still like the shot!

My apple survived!! 

 I tried to write apple in the air..Took me a few times and this is the best that I

Had a good time in class last night. Can't wait for next week.
We will now be working on Project 2 for 5 examples of Shadow, Texture, Color and Reflection..I think I may incorporate my apple into that project as well. 


  1. Love your photos. I think you are doing a great job. You have inspired me to take a photography class. I'm sure my pictures could use a little more help.

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