Monday, February 27, 2012

Hello my lovely readers!
Hope everyone is having a great Monday...even though most of us dread the beginning of the work week!


Monday's can be AWESOME day's too!
I know mine was! 

Every girl loves to have one day to just relax and hang out. Well today was that day for me. 
Yes...on a Monday!

I spent this morning with my bestiee Mandy..
She treated me to a Mani and Pedi! 
Yes...she spoils me! :)

Just to have a girl's day out was just what both of us needed. 
No kiddies and actual adult
Sometimes being around the kids 24/7 we need that interaction.
We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. 
I know I had a great time.
 We have now decided to make this a twice a month thing of us having a mani/pedi date with each

Thanks Mands for taking me out!
Heart you to pieces!

Our toes were Happy!

Mandy avoiding me not wanting to take a

 (singing)....Ebony and Ivoryyyy..hehe

Picking up you can see him in the

Mani/Pedi's all the rugrats back :)

Always a good time with my Mands!


  1. This is such fun! I so need a manicure and pedicure right now. It is nice to have a break from the kids. You have to do it so you don't lose yourself, and go crazy;)

  2. Oh much fun..and with two super hyper boys going crazy is easy to do. I definitely needed this break..Been ages since I've had a mani/pedi!

  3. Looks like fun! It's a great idea to do this a couple of times a month and i may follow suit!Anyways, passing through for the Reflexions blog hop :-)TToria @


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