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Monday, February 6, 2012

Yesterday I conducted a shoot for Author Candra Ward who's book entitled "In My Mind" 
will be coming out in the near future. 

For the worse day I've had for a shoot the day couldn't have turned out better because we got the shots she was looking to portray in her book.

I get to the shoot location to start...I'm setting up and  
My flash drops off of my hotshoe flash clip...and no longer flashes.
And we all know as photographers...we must HAVE LIGHT!
First I want to give a shout out to 
They are totally awesome and their insurance plan is amazing!
Secondly I want to give a shout out to
for ALWAYS making sure I purchase additional insurance on my equipment!
I love that man!

So I head over to Best Buy and they say Oh yeah we will go ahead and just replace it for you!
How awesome is that!

Oooooooooo but we no longer sale that specific flash that you have...
Even though it took forever to get this taken care buy customer service took care of me and replaced my flash with an UPGRADED SB flash..
And its 
AMAZING!!!!! anywho enough about my stressful flash interruption...

Candra did an amazing job for her first time doing the shoot! She swears she needs lessons but she doesn't!
I wanted her to be natural in most of her photos to show her readers who she really is..and I definitely think she did a great job in getting that description across. 
She is a very elegant, soft, strong-minded woman and I truly am grateful that I was able to not only meet her but to work with her! 

One thing that I absolutely LOVE about her is that she is so down-to-earth and loves life and has fun just like anyone of us! Here is one of her being silly  taking a photo.
 :) Love it!
Being silly in front of the camera brings comfort in being in front of the camera..And comfort in  front of the camera brings amazing shots! 

Anyone that has worked with me knows that I love to create a comfortable atmosphere and make sure that the day is fun on my shoots. I always try to capture candids just to add a little photojournalism about my day with a client.
So here is a few photos from yesterday's shoot!

For a preview of Author Candra Ward's photos from shoot

Tierra did a great job on makeup!

Ms. Ward getting beautified!
Isn't she gorgeous!

Yes, if it wasn't for Tierra trying to become a cast member of "Swamp People" we would have never seen snakes during the shoot...but WE DID!

And this one was a bit bigger but hiding under water! How Tierra saw this one..I have no idea!

I am a photographer and assistant to the client!
Love my job..if you even call it that!

MUA Tierra doing her thing!


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