My Week's "Photos On The Go"

Friday, March 16, 2012

     My Week's "Photos on the Go"

I got this awesome idea from one of my BBF's (Best Blogger Friends) Blogs that she has been doing for a while now. Rhiannon, who is an awesome, stylish mommy and blogger of "Modern Suburbanites" does a "My week via Iphone" at the end of each week and I have become obsessed with making sure I view it each week. Her photos are always awesome! I promised myself that once I got access to Instagram that I would add this to my weekly blog posts!
So first off, big shout out to
Rhiannon of
Make sure to go subscribe to her blog! 
I had to totally steal this idea from you because I LOVE IT!!

I will be posting my "Photos On The Go"
each week from Instagram.

So here are my Week's
 "Photos On The Go"
in no particular order!

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1. Gift from Hubby

2. #marchphotoaday #sign

3.Gift from my 4 year old J.R.

4. #blackandwhite Rainy day.

5. Finishing up a Still Photography project

6. #dailydeal for $0.01

7. My little photographer in the making

8. #marchphotoaday #clouds

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  1. Love you blog! Instagram is the best thing, isn't it?? What a nice gift from the hubby! I'm following you back! :)

  2. your blog has such a welcoming look. love it and instagram is taking the world by storm :)

  3. Thanks Lindsay.. Love your blog as well and thanks for following back. And yes Instagram is the best. Totally addicted.

  4. Aw thanks Toi. Yes im in love with Instagram. Thanks for following.

  5. Loving the photos. The gift from your 4 year old is adorable. I found you through the blog hop and am your newest follower. Love your blog.

  6. Thanks so much! :)I'll definitely head over and follow! :)


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