"Green Thumb" Kinda Girl

Sunday, March 25, 2012

"Green Thumb" Kinda Girl

Ok....so the title "Green Thumb" Kinda Girl really doesn't describe me just yet...I'm hoping it will soon. 

We are in the process of moving into our new home in Hollywood, Florida and I'm super excited. I love it and I love the fact that we will be getting our own little "Farmer's Market." Only thing is I am horrible at growing and keeping plants alive. My mom has the best green thumb ever..Her yard is beautiful during the spring and summer! I'm hoping to be like that once we move in. 

At the new house we have about two mango trees, a banana tree, tomato plant/tree, and some other form of fruit tree that I'm not quite sure of yet. So the hubs has stated that I will need to start "googling" or researching how to upkeep these fruit trees. I think with my older age comes excitement to do these type of things. So I will keep you guys updated so you can follow along in my journey of becoming a gardener! :)

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