Visions of "Black and White"

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

 Visions of "Black and White"

I am becoming a fan more and more of black and white photography. Depending on the image, a black and white photo can emphasize it so much more and bring more emotion to a photo than a image in color....
again..depending on the image.

I wanted to share some photos from a great photographer that I love that only shoots Black and Whites. Joel Tjintjelaar is a BW Fine Arts photographer from the Netherlands. I viewed his work in my Digital Photography class and fell in love. His work definitely urges me to shoot more in BW. His work is mostly landscape  but it is still so moving!
Check out some of his art that I love. His work is available for purchase. 
You can purchase any of the images here at :

“It’s up to you what you do with contrasts, light, shapes and lines to emphasize the essence, or what you see as the essence – no colors that will seduce the eye, only emotion that will capture the heart.”- Joel Tjintjelaar.






  1. hey, kim! just want to say i can't believe we became friend via twitter... and now we're totally connected with most of our social media vehicles. :)you have a lovely blog... your photography is so inspiring! i'm a beginner photographer and am always looking for some inspirations. :)hope you have a lovely day!xoxojasmine

  2. Thanks Jasmine!! I know..I feel like I've known you for forever since we are connected in practically everything. I'm so addicted to instagram and love seeing your photos of you and your family and "everything in between" :) I have so much more to learn with photography...But learning more and more everyday. I read your blog post on the information about becoming a better blogger...and I started with this post in adding more posts to specific interests ...i.e. photography.You had soooo much good information! Thanks for sharing that! I needed it...especially since I get a bit discouraged with low traffic. I'm working on it though!Hope you have a great one too girly!

  3. What talent thank you for sharing. Each and every time I stop by your blog I leave with a big SMILE! Keep doing what you do sis. Always, SOULBeautiful xx*s

  4. These are such great photos!!!!! Thanks for following my blog, I'm following you back.


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