My Week's "Photos on the Go'

Saturday, April 21, 2012

 My Week's "Photos on the Go" 

I have been super busy taking care of my babies and working on my editing and finishing up finals for school that I haven't had a chance to post my photos on the go, blog hop or anything.
Here are my "Photos on the Go"

Has massive upper body strength!
Something I drew. #photoadayapril
Picking up my baby boy from school!
The Morales Household was sick throughout the week! :(
Gammy always sends the best care packages!
Something I hate. #photoadayapril
Me and my JR
Haircut by Mommy! Poor baby..LOL
Editing my life away all week!
Hair. #photoadayapril
My fav!! Burrito bowl from Chipotles!!
My new business cards came in! 100 different images of my work on each card!
Make sure to head over to to recieve 50 free ones from!
Flower by my neice. #photoadayapril
Boys are so YUCKY!!!
My little nerd!
One of my favorite photos from the wedding I edited this week!
On his Ipad and singing his ABC's super loud. Guess he figured we couldn't hear him since he had the ear phones
Throwback Thursdays! Miss my bestie Max!
My super serious nerd!
Progress of one of my baby mangos!

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  1. i love getting a preview of your photos via instagram. :) hope your boy is feeling better, and have a great wknd, my friend.xoxojasmineAdamAlexMommy


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