"Big" Dreams from a "Small" Town

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Wakeema Hollis aka "Hollis"

I wanted to post on this Natural Beauty because of a number of reasons! One: She is taking the modeling industry by storm because of her natural way of being in front of the camera. Two: Because of my love for photography, editorials and natural beauty: I LOVE EVERY IMAGE she creates. Three: She is the true definition of a small town girl making her dreams come true. Four: I am proud to say I know and went to high school with her.

Wakeema Hollis, also known as just, "Hollis" came from Tennessee and now travels around the world creating beautiful art on print as well as on the runways! She is a model for Ford Models in Paris, France and has landed magazine covers for magazines such as "Luire" in Japan and has ripped the runway for awesome designers such as Diane Von Frustenburg, Marc Jacobs and more!!

I absolutely LOVE all the editorials she has graced us with and I wanted to share some of my favorites! Enjoy!



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