"Can't Slow Me Down"

Saturday, May 19, 2012



Headache, Chills, Bodyaches, Incessant Cough <-------"I Rebuke Thee"

Wish it was that simple but I still have these symptoms. But has it stopped me from completing what needs to be done? Of course not!! I think I have learned this task from my amazing husband! Nothing will stop us from taking care of business!

So with these symptoms yesterday I journeyed off to Miami to shoot a young lady named Joann! Shoot went well! Even though the sun and rain played around with us throughout the entire session. Overall, it was a good shoot!

Woke up this morning feeling a bit worse but I am up and finishing some school work for my Web Development class as well as retouching, of course, images from yesterday's shoot!

I'm hoping this crud leaves me by the end of the weekend. I would like to enjoy some time with the family. But other than that, I hope you all have an amazing weekend too!!!!


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