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Thursday, September 27, 2012

So far JR has been doing really good since he started Kindergarten. At the beginning we had a little issue of him being a bit active in class but since we gave him "THE TALK" he has been receiving smiley's everyday!

In his class they have started their vocabulary words each week where they have a spelling test at the end of the week on the specific words given.

So last week was the letter M words....

Not so good...

So the hubs and I switched up how we help in the teaching process to help him learn his words. As soon as he gets out of school we sit down with him and help him stretch out the sounds of the word first and then put the word together right after. Once we do that we have him write them around 5 times to get familiar with the word. We spend between 30 minutes to an hour doing this...or rather however long it takes for him to stretch the word out and recognize what word it comes out to be. So far this week this process has worked.

I love to see him so confident on spelling his words.

We are definitely proud of our boy!

Here he is doing a "pretest" for his spelling test tomorrow for class.



  1. As the mother of a Kindergartener, I can TOTALLY relate to this post. Those spelling tests have become a MAJOR deal in our household lol Our kids (Kindergarten and 1st Graders) often compete to see who did the best that week. Once they start getting those E's their confidence jumps sky high. Anytime you say something to my son he responds by telling you what letter the word stars with lol

  2. Thats a good idea. Once AJ gets more into doing his work better I think I will do that as well..competition


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