My Instaweekend (Prayers needed for my family)

Monday, April 8, 2013


This beautiful and vibrant woman is my Aunt Mary! I am asking for prayers to be sent up for my family for strength to get through this hard time with my aunt Mary having to deal with cancer taking over.

This weekend we drove up to the hometown to see her. I am so thankful to have an amazing Aunt like her. She is so vibrant and when she walk in any room she lights it up! One thing I know to... Growing up no one can make a chest pie like my Aunt Mary.

I made sure while we were up there I saw her everyday I was there. Saturday night I went to say goodbye to her and tell her I loved her. When I told her, even with her being in pain and weak, she turned to me and looked me straight in the eyes, gave me a big smile and said "I love you too." That filled my heart with joy. Brought tears to my eyes. She is a phenomenal woman, wife, mother, grandmother, sister, aunt and friend. All prayers are needed for my family right now for strength to get through this time of illness of my Aunt Mary!

During the short time up there I spent time with the family. Here are a few instapics I took.
















  1. Tracey SpringfieldApril 8, 2013 at 10:56 PM

    This beautiful lady that Kelli speaks about it's my beautiful mother. Thank you for the kind words Kelli and the memories. She loved everyone that crossed paths with her. She was so genuine and kind to all.
    I'm so glad that you took time out of your busy scheduled to come see my mom. It really meant so much to her. Remember she could barely speak but the emotion in her face when she forced it the words "surprise!" She was saying you were a wonderful surprise. Thank you fit making my mom smile

  2. Having spent the last year going through the horrors of cancer in my own family, I can tell you to keep your faith, pray and never give up. It will be hard, but God hears your prayers and knows your hearts. All things are possible with prayer; don't let anyone tell you otherwise. We saw a "terminal, hopeless case" (doctor's words) go into full remission thanks to God alone. Your aunt Mary and family are in my prayers.

  3. Thank you so much for those words! For you to not even know us and give comfort and prayers for our family I am thankful for you. Unfortunately she passed this morning. So those prayers are needed overtime for our family. :(

  4. I am so sorry to hear this update. May God give your family strength and the joy of knowing she will live large in your heart until you meet again.

  5. Your welcome. She was truly a blessing to all of us. Her last words to me and that smile of hers are embedded in my mind and heart. Praying for you guys and the entire Ware and Howard family for us to get through this together. Love u cuz!


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