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Sunday, March 16, 2014

View from our resort room: Savanna View
So becoming DVC members was one of the best vacation decisions we have made. We are able to go to Disney whenever we like and stay at the best Disney resorts! We decided to head to Orlando this past weekend for some family fun time!
We stayed at the boys favorite resort….
Animal Kingdom!
The resort has everything we could ask for. I love the African safari feel that it is.
Your welcome to hop on the shuttle buses to any of the parks but if you want to stay and hang out at the resort there is definitely something for everyone to do.
Hang out at the pool, head down to the savanna to check out the animals
 (I love the fact that they give the kids a list of animals to check off when they spot them), take the kids to the arcade down by the lobby and so much more.
Trust me you won't regret staying here.

While there we decided on Hollywood Studios and Magic Kingdom for our weekend adventure!

Milestone of the weekend: 
My 6 year old rode Big Thunder Mountain!!
I died!

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