{Letter to my Sons}

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Dear Sons,

Seems like yesterday I was holding you in my arms for the first time. Still to this day I cannot believe I have two amazingly smart and handsome young men (I don't want to call you this just yet because you are still and will FOREVER be my baby boys!


{My Firstborn}

You gave me the title MOMMY! 
You taught me how to love like no other.
You taught me how to protect like no other. 
I was nervous of becoming a mother but you made it easy to take on that role.

Alberto Jr:

{My youngest...soon to be my middle baby}

After having JR I wondered if there was any room left to love more than what I first experienced. I was so nervous in the hospital wondering if I would be able to give you enough love as I was giving your brother.
And the answer to that is:
Having you had me in amazement at how much my heart could love! 


I know I am not the perfect mommy (far from it) but Papi and I have come along way and have learned so much while raising you two.

While I teach you, you teach me so much more than you can imagine.
Your baby brother or sister will have the perfect BIG BROTHERS to shower them with love and support! 

I am proud of both of you and as we say before we go to sleep:


Your Mommy

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