"My Niece, My Heart"

Thursday, April 10, 2014

"My Niece, My Heart"


I want to first say how proud I am of you! You have officially let me come to the realization that I am old. I remember when you were born and now you are about to graduate high school!! 

My Oh My!!

My sister, being a single mother, has raised you to be the most beautiful person…inside and out!!
Your intelligent, creative, artistic, funny (mostly sarcastic) lol, loving, family-oriented, and a great role model for the younger generation out there. You were able to keep your head in the books at school and work at the same time  and will be graduating with honors! 
I must say you inherited a lot of awesome traits from me!! LOL!

I just wanted to make sure you knew that Alberto, the boys and I are extremely proud of you! Keep doing what your doing and you will go far!

Love you more than you know!!

Your are my heart!

Congratulations on becoming 

"Class of 2014"


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