"Office Space Makeover"

Thursday, January 29, 2015


So yeah.....

My $50 Ikea desk that I got when we lived in Orlando, Florida (over 5 years ago) was BEGGING for a little pick me up!

I figured I would go ahead and freshen it up before moving so I can place it in a new area with its full potential. A little repainting goes a long way...

I didn't sand it down or anything because the surface was already perfectly smooth and I decided to have that black paint that is already on it come through the off white paint color I chose to give it a more antique feel to it.

Talk about a facelift! It's just something about a fresh and new office space that helps with creativity...
Its like refreshing your mind with all the clutter that going through it and helping 
put it in perspective and in order! 
I loved the outcome!
My space is perfect for me! 
Once we settle in our next home I'll make sure to update you all on how I set up!

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