"Letter To My 6 Month Old"

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Dear Kennedy Christina-Marie,

Well Little Miss Thang...
You turned 6 months old this past Friday
{April 10, 2015 to be exact}

You grow more beautiful each day.

Every morning you wake up with a smile on your face..
{Thank goodness your a morning baby}
You are sitting up on your own now..
{You may fall over occasionally, but you are doing pretty good}
You grab and play with everything in sight and your teething..
{Thank goodness the only thing you decide to chew on are your fingers}
Your eating solids, but still a work in progress..
{Your favorite is applesauce}
You have a HUGE personality..
{Your facial expressions are the best}
You talk ALL THE TIME..
{Your new word is DADADADADA}
And you have come to LOVE the camera..
{Which makes me want to take photos of you every single day}
...and I do just that

Everyone loves you. 
Those eyes..
That smile..
That giggle..
That baby talk..
Whats not to love!

I love you unconditionally!


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