"Letter to my 9 month old"

Monday, July 6, 2015

9 months snuck up on us babygirl!

You are such a character!

This past month you have
Started crawling {Your everywhere now}
Started dancing to everything {You love music}
You love your hair brush {Little Diva}
Got your first tooth {It's the cutest little tooth I ever did see}
You love ice cream {Especially eating Papi's ice cream sandwiches up}
Got your first ear infection {No bueno}
Had your first 4th of July with Mommy and Papi {Beyond cute in your red, white, and blue}
and this is the longest you've been away from your big brothers who are in Tennessee for the summer with Gammy and Papa! 
{I know you can't wait to see them}
When you see their pictures you just sit and stare {It's so cute}

Your smile lights up the room and we can't go 
anywhere without someone saying how beautiful you are.

You are a beautiful blessing that keeps surprising us with something new everyday!

I love you more each day....


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