"Letter to my 10 month old"

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Kennedy Christina-Marie,

Where do I began....

You are moving way to fast Bunny!

You love food! 
{Even though I feel like a first time mommy (which I am far from) I am still nervous to give you certain table foods}

Your favorites:
Curry chicken and potatoes
Any form of potatoes
Apples and Oatmeal
Any form of bread
Alfredo Pasta

You love to dance..especially with Papi and your brothers!
{You throw your hands up and its a wrap}

You know your name and your nickname already!
{Kennedy,  Kenne, Kennebug, Bunny, BooBoo (your father..don't ask), KC}

You like to imitate sounds and actions!
{You clap your hands to music and I LOVE when you wave Hi or Bye-Bye}
So cute!

I have you doing sight words on index cards!
{So far you know the words Hi and Up when you see them}
Your attention span is the length of an ant!! 
But we are still working on it!


Your a flash of light when your holding someone's hand but just yesterday

{August 16, 2015 }

You took your first couple of steps on your own!
{see video of her first steps on my Instagram: @clickinmamaof3}

Words cannot describe how happy and proud of you we are!!

I keep saying slow down but I love to see you grow!!

We love you to the moon and back Kenne!



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