Morales Family Adventure Series: Helen, GA

Monday, November 9, 2015

So it has been raining for the past month and I was hoping that it would stop by this Saturday.
Why you may ask?
Photoshoot was set with one of the cutest little girls here in Georgia!
But unfortunately forecast brought on an 80% chance of rain.
And it did just that.
Just on and off.
So it became a rescheduled shoot. 

So the Hubby and I decided to trek through the rain for another adventure in North Georgia!
This time we headed to Helen, GA.

Wasn't able to see the falls there (Anna Ruby Falls) because of the rain so we just headed downtown to their shops!
It was pretty awesome.

You can say its:
A slice of Germany in Georgia!

It is a small town that was replicated of a Balvarian Alpine Town.
We found some shops that have become our favorites:

( My favorite! The Caramel Turtles are to die for!)

(Hubby's favorite! If you are a sports would be in heaven!)

Habersham Winery
(For all us wine lovers out there!)

So if your ever wanting a quick weekend adventure I definitely recommend heading up to Helen, Ga for an awesome outing with your family!

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