A Weekend In The Smokies

Friday, October 7, 2016

So....as you know my husband and I LOVE to travel. We have made it a point to make sure the kids love to travel as well and show them that it is one of the many things that families should do together and enjoy exploring new things and places in life!

Our annual trip to Gatlinburg was a success! We invited my parents and my sister was able to make it as well which made me happy too! 

The highlight of our trip was the visit we had from a mama bear and her three cubs at our cabin. Last year it happened as well but it was just one big bear. This time it was four and pretty exciting! The kids were super excited and watched as they tore our trash outside to pieces. It is definitely something they will remember for a lifetime and I am sure they will tell the story to their kids.

We finally were able to get a chance to ride the mountain coaster for the first time! If you have not did this before it is a must if you visit!

My sister also talked me and the hubby to ride the 


The Wineries were awesome....went home with a few bottles to enjoy and enjoyed alot more things! Enjoy the images of our awesome trip to Gatlinburg!

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