Amicalola Falls

Friday, October 14, 2016

Looking for a quick roadtrip to explore with your family around Atlanta?

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Since moving up to Northern Atlanta my family and I have decided to make this one of our annual road trips during the fall because of how beautiful it is. With the trees changing colors and the waterfall just adding its beauty into the mix there is no reason not to love this place. This 729 foot waterfall is located in the North Georgia mountains of Dawsonville which is about an hour and a half from Metro Atlanta. 

If your not able to make it a one day worries! At the top of the waterfall sits 
Amicalola Falls Lodge! We have not stayed there yet, but it is definitely on the list. We were able to go inside and see the views from the hotel lounge and when I tell you the views are is pretty much an understatement! They also have cabins on the property as well for families to enjoy a peaceful retreat in the mountains! 

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This is one of my favorite road trips and I cannot wait to head back up that way!

If you need more convincing to go visit check out the photos we took below!

Fall is the perfect time to visit! The leaves are beautiful!

At the bottom of the Falls!
Our hike up to the top!
Your kids will love it!
We took the accessible trail up since we had a stroller with the little one.
They also have steps up to the top. 
425 of them!!!!

Enjoying the view from Amicalola Falls Lodge!

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