Fall Is Officially Here!!

Friday, October 7, 2016

So you guys know I have been WAITING for Fall! 
The beautiful change of the scenery, the cooler weather that brings out 
all the boots, layers of cloths, family festivities, and so much more! 
I don't really prefer the cold weather but I will take it since it comes with the season. {insert eye roll}

I have been blessed to start getting more business with my photography since moving here to Atlanta.  Being that I have not put much effort into marketing myself and my work since being here I was not truly focused on growing my business. But I am finally getting out of that mentality and am going to put more focus on getting out there to get back to what I love doing the most and that is creating memories for families and friends!

I shot these little cuties the other week and was so excited to find a huge pile of leaves that have fallen perfectly for them to play in. One of the many perks of Fall!

Happy Fall Ya'll!!

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