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Friday, October 28, 2016

Making sure to spend quality time with your children is so important these days!

Time spent with the kids and showing them the importance of family time not only brings a stronger bond between you and your children but it also benefits their emotional and social behaviors as they grow. With work and school during the week there is so little time to really sit and enjoy the kids and we as parents may not be able to interact as much as we want during that time with them. 

Weekends in our household have always been a time to really enjoy each other. We love the outdoors and traveling so we go and explore different areas of Georgia together (such as the North Georgia mountains and falls), enjoy festivals, sites downtown, or travel to a family favorite - Disney! 
You want to talk about time spent together...try a 7 hour drive with three kiddos!

Studies show that spending time together is associated with the success of children when it comes to things such as academic performance and behavioral problems. 

So if you haven't already...get up and get out and have some fun with the family this fall season!
It will benefit everyone!!!!


Fall festivals are one of the highlights of our fall season! Taking the kids out to enjoy the cool weather and some fun activities is always on our list during this time of the year. 

This year we went to Warbington Farms.

Located not to far from us in Cummings, Georgia this is by far one of the best farms to hang out with the family at. 
From September 17th through November 12th the farms fun park and activities are open to the public!

For only $10 per person (kids under 2 free), you and your family can have unlimited fun that includes
a corn maze, hay rides, petting zoo, a jumping pillow, tire yards, swings and more. 
And if you need some refueling head over to their concession spot to sit and enjoy a slushy, ice cream, funnel cakes, coffee and so many more goodies to choose from!

My family and I had such a great time!
Our favorite was the hay ride. And its no ordinary hay ride...
They actually call it a "hey" ride. 
Why you may ask?

Well, during the "hey" ride they take you around the 300 acre farm to stop by and say "hey" to the many cows they have there. The tractor stops and they farmer gives everyone on the ride pieces of bread to feed the cows! 
It was pretty cool! I'm not gone lie I got a little grossed out when the cows come to get the bread and they accidentally lick your hand for the bread! 

Eww. Eww. Eww. 

But nothing a good hand wash and some hand sanitizer won't cure!

Anywho, if you are around the Atlanta area and looking to enjoy some fall fun with your family we recommend Warbington Farms! 

Hurry! You have 3 more weekends left to enjoy the festivities!!

Check out some of the activities we did!

Some Corn Maze Fun!
Checkpoints had to be found throughout the corn maze

Kennedy loved the petting zoo!

Eww. Eww. Eww.

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