Letter To My Two Year Old

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Oh Baby Girl.

Where do I start.

Since coming into our lives two years ago you have given us all so much life!

Your are so smart and showing us you know so much everyday. 
I am still not use to hearing you say full sentences and ask questions!

You have the biggest heart. 
When you love, you love hard. 
Your brothers are your life. You love them beyond measure and you show it everyday. 
You have them, as well as your father, wrapped around your finger. 

You are one of the silliest little people I know. 
Your laugh is infectious. 
Anyone that hears it can't help but smile and laugh with you.

Your a Minnie Mouse fanatic. 
Have to admit...that's your parents fault. 
We are addicted to Disney and have instilled this into you. 
We have no regrets. Lol!

My God, You are BEAUTIFUL!
Not only on the outside....but more importantly on the inside.
If you feel someone is down or sad, your mommy instincts already take over. 
Hugs and kisses are your favorite to make someone feel better. 
Those two things and your smile is all that anyone needs from you.

You are everything and I pray that you continue to light up the world.

When you are able to read this just know that your father and I are so blessed that 
God chose us to be your parents. 
You, along with your brothers, bring so much joy and happiness to our lives!

We love you to the moon and back!

-Your Mommy

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