Dear Self: I Am Enough

Monday, November 14, 2016

As a stay at home mama I start to think a lot about how much I actually contribute to our family. And most of the time this begins with me thinking about contributing the money aspect of things. Since 2007 I have been a stay at home mama with the exceptions of working for two years once both my boys began grade school and my photography business on the side. I have to admit that during the time that I worked while my boys were in school I felt more accomplished as a mom while bringing in a paycheck and taking care of the kids and household chores. And then came news of bringing another life into the world. We were blessed with one more blessing...a baby girl! And then we got news that we would be relocated to Atlanta for my husband's job. So along with the baby girl and the big move to Atlanta came becoming a stay at home mama again.

Once again I started to think staying at home with my littles was not enough because now I was not bringing the income in that I had been contributing before. And then I was reminded that its not about the money. Its about the time, the effort, the love and so much more that we contribute to our families lives.

~While one may provide the financial part of taking care of the family that does not mean that they do not do enough in other ways of raising their family.
~While one may provide caring for the family by staying at home and little financial contribution to the family that does not mean that they do not do enough for the family.

Our babies depend on us for ALL things! It's not about the money or the material things. Keeping a routine schedule in place, making sure they get their favorite (and sometimes not so favorite) meals daily, teaching them daily, taking them to their soccer game or their gymnastics class, playing with them, discipling them, staying up with them while they are not feeling so well, kissing that scratch they got while playing to make it all feel better, wiping their tears and bringing that smile back to their faces, cuddling and watching their favorite movie with them....are just a few things to name that brings so much to not only those little ones that need you but it should also bring a sense of accomplishment to us mamas and a relief to know that our family is being taken care of in every way possible!

When you see that smile on our families faces, just know and always remember:

We are enough.

We do enough.

We have enough.

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