Monday, May 22, 2017

Play dates have become something that both KC and I look forward since living here in Georgia. Being a stay at home mama and living in an area where you don't know many people..once you find your tribe that you hang with, it is essential that you spend time with them in order to continue to build a friendship. And I speak for both the kids and myself. 

"Playdates makes your child feel as if they have a life outside the home....and us stay at home mama's too."

Playdates allow interaction for the kids to be around other peers and help them work on their social development. It also gives me my "mommy time" to have adult conversations. Not being in a corporate world setting this time spent with other mamas help keep us sane.

Sasha.....This mama right here is always taking the initiative to set up our mama/daughter playdates. And I so love her for it! This Friday morning we headed out to Chestatee Wildlife Preserve & Zoo . This was our first time out there and the girls loved seeing the animals. My child, of course, wanted me to hold her for the most part because there were chickens and some other form of bird running around and she was not having it. While Sasha's Kennedy loved every single part of it and had a ball chasing after the chickens lol!

The zoo had a number of animals that included white tigers (which we didn't see because they were sleep), lions, leopards, emu's, alpaca's (which I will continue to call llama's), wolves, zebra, and more. Although the animals are a bit far away from where you are standing in order to see them it was a good experience for the girls and they Kennedy loved the part of feeding the chickens and emu's. 

I made it a point to bring my camera this time...and for future playdates to capture every moment of the girls together for KC's keepsakes when we move. 😩 I am so glad I was able to capture these moments! Thanks for the invite Sasha!! We love you and Kennedy!

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