Keep Looking...It's There

Sunday, November 5, 2017

Photographer: Kelli Morales
Model: Sunnie Morrison, Director of First Class Productions
        In 2010 I started a hobby of photography that I fell in love with and turned it into a business. The woman pictured in these images, Sunnie Morrison (Director of First Class Productions) was the one person that gave me a chance at something I had absolutely no idea at what I was doing at the time. Because of her I learned so much while shooting photography when capturing images of her, her models, her events, and more. From then on my business began to flourish down in South Florida by word of mouth and just about every weekend I was booked with shooting families, models, and events. For two years I was amazed at how my clientele continued to grow. Along with Sunnie, the two individuals that pushed me the most and believed in my passion was my husband and my best friend Sandy. 
        In 2013 my family and I decided to move to Georgia because of my husband's job relocation. This move would take place the beginning of March. March 1st to be exact. In February of 2013 I lost a piece of my heart (Sandy Christine Suarez)...My best friend, my sister, one of my number one supporters. And with this loss I believe I lost a bit of the passion that I had when it came to photography. Moving out of the state that showed me so much support in my work while also losing a best friend it took a toll on me. We were in Georgia for four years and I didn't push myself like I did when I was living back in Miami. 
        So forward we are in 2017 and my family and I have moved back to Orlando, Florida where we started our family. Being back in Florida has brought a little more spirit into my passion for photography again. Being able to travel down to Miami which is only three hours away and shooting where it all began with such loyal clients lifted my spirits like no other. It has pushed me to go full force in building my business back to what it was. Though some may say we lose passion for things at times, I don't think that is true at all. Sometimes we just need something to remind us that it is still there and spark it back up. We never lose it, we just need to find it again. Keep looking, it's there. I think I have found it.

"If you haven't found it yet, keep looking."
-Steve Jobs

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