1. Photographer for 6 years. Yoga Advocate for 1 year and some months. Firm believer of making time to travel with your family and for yourself.
2. I am seriously allergic to chocolate but LOVE eating ALL THINGS chocolate..lol
3. DisneyAddict
4. Mother of three beautiful children: Two Boys and a Baby Girl
5. I have become addicted to natural hair blogs. I can sit and read through them all day.
6. Caramel Frappe’s and Cookies and Creme Milkshakes make me HAPPY!
7. Beaches and mountains are my weakness.
8. Tennessee born and raised. Florida lover. Georgia Resident.
9. Since marrying my Hubby, who is of Cuban descent, I have become addicted to Cuban food!
10. Addicted to Fixer Upper, Flea Market Flip, All Things HGTV, Lethal Weapon, Queen Sugar, Designated Survivor, Scandal, Grey's Anatomy, HTGAWM, Blindspot, Ballers, Power and more....

I am excited to share my love for my family, travel, photography and yoga with everyone! !


What I love most about what I do...when it comes to photography?

My answer:

The thing I love most is that I don’t see it as a job. It’s fun! I love what I do and I love being able to capture those moments that I loved with my family for others. I see myself as “specializing” in beauty and portrait photography and I use that term “specializing” VERY loosely because I love the fact that I am able to use my talent in so many different areas. I am not tied down to any specific photo subject. I have experience in fashion, events, weddings, family and children portraits, maternity, newborns, worked with magazines and more…I love the flexibility of using my talent in so many ways and getting so many different results out of it. I know alot of photographers that say, ” Oh the money is in wedding or event photography…” but to me its not about the money AT ALL. Oh yes, I definitely enjoy the fact that doing something that I love is allowing me to be able to help in providing for my family but it is not about money. I LOVE seeing the excitement of the individuals that I take photos of when they see the end result of their photo session. They are able to invest in something that they will be able to cherish for the rest of their life whether it be a wedding of individuals joining as one, a maternity shoot of someone bringing life into the world for the first time, or if it is a first time model doing her first photo shoot with me and seeing photos of themselves in a total different way that brings more confidence to their inner being. I have so much passion in this form of art it inspires me to continue to not limit myself in one area of photography.

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